8 Reason your website needs a revamp


8 Reason why your website needs a revamp

1.Your website looks like you sell horse wagons

There are a number of consequences that result from an outdated website. The biggest impact that an outdated website will have is a negative image of your business. The power that a website holds is unmatched in today’s society. This because potential customers visit your website when they need to learn more about your business and the services that you offer. The importance of having a website that is constantly updated every three years will lead to greater rewards for your business from an increase in possible leads and therefore an increase in sales.

2.Your website has a flash slider on every page

Flash sliders have no value for SEO for your brand and some users might see those flash sliders as a distraction as they would be taking away from the time that the user could be spending reading all the important information that you want them to read on your website. The addition of a flash sider on every page on your website might seem like a great idea at first but consider the other consequences of having them on every page as it might lead to a negative bounce rate because most users will be avoiding your website because of the flash sliders that will be popping up when the users want to read all the good stuff on your website. If you insist on having images on your website then one image per page will be as effective and less annoying as flash sliders appearing on every page of your website while the user is browsing.

3.Website has no social media sharing capacity

Your brand’s website and social media pages need to always be aligned with each other as this will give you control of the online image of your brand but also control of  the information that you are communicating to existing and prospective clients. The power of social media can be leveraged positively by your brand if your website has a sharing capacity, this way directing potential and existing clients to your website will be effortless and in turn will increase the traffic to your website. The benefit of an increase in traffic will equal to more individuals being informed about your product and existing customers being constantly updated about your product or service.

4.Your website is not responsive, cross platform or cross browser

The latest developments in technology have allowed the consumer to use a variety of technological devices to search the internet and visit their favourite websites. Your website should accommodate this development in the sense that your website should provide the same pleasurable experience for the user when they are using their smartphone or tablet as when they are visiting your website on their desktop computers. Once you minimize the common problems such as the pages taking too long to load, having to zoom in to view images amongst other irritations the more the consumer will thank you for it.

5.Your website does not generate leads.

Nothing causes more damage to a brand or causes irritation amongst the user than a website that does not provide all the necessary information for the user. A website that does not generate leads can be viewed by the user as not providing all the required information about the product or service. The leads on your website could potentially be a link to a demonstrative video that showcases how to use the product and the average consumer will need this information in order to have a pleasurable experience with your product.

6.Your website has a negative bounce rate.

A website with a negative bounce is the nightmare of all business owners. This means that the consumer is basically in and out of your website without reading all the information that you are hoping to communicate to them. This is the demise of unimaginative websites that are filled with information that is not useful to the consumer. Ensuring a social media sharing capacity will impact your website’s bounce rate in a positive way by not giving all the information on social media but attract them to the website and give the consumer reasons to stay on the website by providing great content on the website where the user will not regret visiting your website.

7.You like your competitor’s website

We have all fallen into the trap of checking out what the competition or the other person is doing instead of focusing on our website. This will not assist you in any way. Focusing on the development and curating the content on your brand’s website will ensure that the best quality website is available for your customers. Developmenthub can assist you in that regard of conceptualizing, designing and developing a website that attracts the customer and always keeps them coming back for more information about your product or service. The end result will be that it will be your competitor that always visits your website.

8.You did it yourself and alone

Every business aims on saving money and cutting down on expenses. This should not apply when it comes to your website, an efficient website will ensure a return on investment than a website that provides no useful information to the consumer, has no informative content or does not have a social media sharing capacity. This could lead to the downfall of that particular brand. Fortunately for you, Developmenthub will be able to assist you in producing a website that will ultimately be informative and lead you to eventually meeting your goals as a business. This is after all the mantra of Developmenthub, meeting the goals of clients and having results to show. An effective and informative website can lead to a large number of positive aspects for a brand just as the case of a negative website could easily be disastrous for a brand.