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Developmenthub has been operating successfully as one of the best digital agencies in the Eastern Cape. Helping a number of big, medium and small innovative organisations create and leverage digital platforms and channels to meet business goals. While the rest of the country has identified and leveraged digitalisation in various areas, organisations in the Eastern Cape are gradually catching the tide. Needless to say, this makes it the perfect time for these organisations to leverage the skills and competencies offered by digital agencies such as Developmenthub in the digital space.

What is this digitalisation?

Perhaps it is important to first explain in layman’s terms what digitalisation means and how Developmenthub fits into this exciting space before diving in deep into this topic. Digitalisation is probably not a new term, especially to high-end Execs in the likes of Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and so forth. The term refers to the use of digital technologies, data and strategic stakeholder involvement to create revenue, improve business, replace/transform business processes, thus creating an environment for digital business, whereby digital information is at the core. There are various digital channels available to businesses. These can be adopted to ensure that business goals are met. Developmenthub is at the forefront of these channels and has assisted many clients to leverage the benefits of digital. One of the channels in which we do this is through our website development services.

Website development as a channels for digitalisation

Website development is probably one of the most commonly used digital channels that organisations make use of digitalisation to meet their business goals. However, in the time we have spent servicing our clients in this space of digitalisation we have realised that not every business owner realises the value of having a professional and captivating website. We’ve come across miss-informed statements such as “a website is just a nice to have and has no real value”. The most surprising one of these statements being “having a professionally developed website that is captivating and engaging is really just an unnecessary cost”. We understand that such statements stem from a lack of true insights regarding the ROI of having a professionally developed website. If you share the same sentiments regarding the value of a professionally developed website, then read on.

Can the ROI of a professionally developed website be proved?

One of the best and exciting things about digitalisation is that the value of adopting any digital channel can be ascertained. This means that if your business invests in having a professionally developed website, the value that the professionally developed websites adds can be proved. As previously touched, many business owners tend to be naive about the value, reach and impact of having a professionally developed website. Below are a few ways in which the value, impact and reach of having a professionally developed website can be proved.

  • Credibility & Professionalism

A professionally developed website gives you the power to write your own narrative. It will represent your brand exactly the way you want it to. A poorly developed website will lack compelling and engaging content thus fail to drive qualified leads. A bold, captivating and engaging professionally developed website will help you win and maintain authority both in the eyes of your potential customers and even competitors. The most effective websites are the ones that, as the central hub of all things digital, have been strategically developed to meet a business goal and continuously provide traceable results.

  • Effective Advertising &Traceable Results

To be able to understand the value of a professionally developed website you first need to understand what the website is doing for you and your business. Besides the commonly known “a website is your business being open 24/7”a website opens the opportunity for effective advertising and results that can be tracked. This is a feature you don’t commonly get with traditional advertising and print ads.

A professionally developed website comes integrated with tools and metrics to help you achieve your business goals. By using these tools and metrics business owners can run analytics on their websites to determine how many visitors the website gets, which pages are mostly visited and what content is searched more often. This can help you to customize your service offering and develop content that drives leads and generates conversions.

  • Process Automation & Optimisation

Probably the last thing you expect a website to do right? However, a well thought-out and strategically developed website can help you enhance the productivity in your business by freeing up time used for manually performed tasks. An example of this is having an effective contacts us page incorporated into your website instead of having manual forms or answering to a million phone calls a day.

This gives you the time and the opportunity to develop solutions to frequently asked queries. Live chat is another feature which can be used to improve productivity because your customers no longer have to wait to have issues attended to. Features such as live chat provide real time dedicated care and support to your customers,saving you time and money. In turn, customer interaction becomes easy and this is how you win customer loyality and enhance customer retention.

The cases discussed above are only a glimpse of how the value of a professional website can be proved. There are plenty of ways in which a professionally developed website will prove to be a valuable investment rather than an unnecessary cost.  By now you should know that there is value in investing in a professionally developed website but maybe you are still unsure as to what are the functional aspects of a professionally developed you should look out for in order to reap full benefits. In the next blog post we discuss the areas that you, as a business owner, should pay attention to when it comes to professional website development. Essentially, we discuss the elements that you need to be paying for and what value these add to your business.

 What now?

It is your responsibility as a business owner to be at the forefront of any innovation that promises the opportunity to help you reach your business goals. If for whatever reason, you have not jumped into the digitalisation wagon, now is the time to wake up and smell the coffee, ride this digital transformation wave. Partner with Developmenthub and realise the full potential of digital! Developmenthub assists organisations of any size or sector to ride the wave of digitalisation and reach business goals.

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