Inbound Website – What are you paying for?



On a day- to- day basis, we receive inquiries from business owners seeking website development services. More often than not, the inquiry leads to questions such as “how much is this going to cost me?”. This is usually an easy one to answer until the “why so much?” follow up question. These are valid questions and by all means vital to ask, especially considering the fact that a website is essentially an intangible service that cannot be placed in one’s hand. Of course, the answer to these questions is not always an easy one. The reason for this is primarily because all website development services vary according to the specific needs of the business and hence there is no one answer fits all.

It is important for you as a business owner to first understand what you want the website to accomplish for your business. Once you have this figured out you will realise that the cost isn’t much the issue – but the value of the website that means something. If you are one the people who struggle to understand why developing an inbound website can have a rather unexpected price tag according to your understanding, this post is meant for you!


For those of you who still exist in the dark ages and have never heard of the term “Inbound Website” – let us bring you back to 2017. The term inbound website simply describes a modern and forward style of website development that is different from the traditional website development. It can be said that an inbound website exists only to help your business meet its goals and everything about it is around your visitors’ experience. Simply put, this style of a website is developed to attract, engage, convert and captivate your visitors. Here are 5 key factors to help you understand what goes into the price to pay for your ideal inbound website:

  • The Cost of Design

As the world becomes more and more digitalized with each passing second, it is impossible to deny the influence of design and the ability to create captivating visuals that move and inspire audiences. In the world of inbound website development a powerful design incorporates elements such as UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience) Design, Wireframing, White Spacing, Flat Design and Responsiveness to name a few. These are all elements which come together to form part of what is deemed as an inbound website. Incorporating such elements will ensure that when visitors engage with your website they are captivated, interested and look forward to visiting your site again. It takes knowledge, time, precision and the understanding of your business goals to come up with the right inbound website development theme and the overall visual appeal.

  • The Skills & Competencies

The truth is, if you want a website you can get it from anywhere for whatever price you are willing to pop-out. However, a two-minute designed website will not come close to a professionally developed inbound website. The competencies and skills housed at Developmenthub cannot be compared to those of an inexperienced developer sitting at some dodgy office corner wanting to make a quick buck. With our level of experience in the field we provide more bespoke expertise and save you time and future costs. Personalisation is an important aspect of inbound website development. It’s no secret that cheap development will cost you in the long run, because it requires constant maintenance and fixing and will never be what you hoped for your business.  Who you trust to get the job done will determine if the benefits of having an inbound website out-weigh the costs or if the costs out-weigh the benefits. Keep in mind that a great website is not based on how quickly you need it or can have it done, but how much knowledge and time is required to make your ideal website a functional and not a fictional reality.

  • The Cost of Development

We’ve touched on this before, the price to pay for your inbound website varies according to the needs of your business. The requirements and functionality which you want from your website can drive the price up. This is not something to be avoided because the functionality of your website should meet the needs of your users in order for it to be valuable – Once again, inbound website development revolves around your users. In order for your website to make business sense, it needs to make the life of your users easy and thus convert leads. If your website isn’t achieving this, then it’s time you checked your content and overall functionality. The content (typography, copy, video and images) which you put out needs to engage and capture your users in order to drive leads. You need to constantly think of ways in which the website will keep customers engaged, additional functionality such as live chat, blog posts, short about-us feature videos or new product launch videos are all elements which play a key role in keeping your website engaging and much more captivating. At Developmenthub we advise our clients to consider all these exciting features when budgeting for developing their website as these add value to the customers and also increase customer retention. Additionally, security and maintenance features for your inbound website are a must have in the days of cyber-crime. We encourage incorporating such into your inbound website to ensure that user data is protected at all times.

  • Understanding the Well of Opportunities

The amount of money you are willing to pay for an inbound website is highly dependent on the understanding you have regarding the opportunities associated with such a website. If you were to view having an inbound website as having a business partner who works 24/7 365 days a year, is not limited by geographical location, sells your products and services exactly the way you instruct them and keeps your customers and users informed with new insights and informational content. How much would you be required by labour laws to pay such a business partner? Probably more than what you are willing to pay for your inbound website yet it can do the above mentioned for you and more. With an inbound website you are not limited to the typical one call-to-action contact us page for leads. Throughout the pages and content of the website you can include call-to-actions and open more opportunities for driving leads. If you realised these opportunities I am sure you would call Developmenthub today to consult more about inbound website development.

  • Numbers don’t lie – Stats

We understand that numbers are important to business owners, as such here a few survey results taken from leading digital marketing gurus. These will help you understand that inbound website development is undeniably the lifeblood for businesses today. If these don’t make you understand why you need to pay a bit more for such services, we don’t know what will. Maybe the end of your business will, but don’t say we never warned you.


  • 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. (Source:


  • 65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information (Source:

Search Engine Optimisation

  • 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google, 2015) (Source:

If you have been a victim of so-called inbound website developers and are tired of having to fix numerous issues with your inbound website that is isn’t generating leads for your business, hit us up on our contact us page, social media pages or email and have guaranteed peace of minding knowing your digital needs are taken care of. Inquire today!

If your digital presence is dead, so is your business.