In terms of IT companies, a few are as diverse as Apex IT Solutions who offer a variety of services. The brand also has a unique approach when it comes to their customer interactions where they have a policy that they do not wait for the customer to come to them, they go to the customer. This means that the brand’s image and marketing material would need to be innovative as their service.

Start of the journey

The journey started with us researching the various services of the company so the branding could be reflective of the company’s message and the services that they represent. The services of the company need to be well communicated not only on the website but through all the other branding material. The information also needs to be consistent on all platforms so when approaching perspective clients they will not be any unanswered questions about the company and its services.


The outcome of the branding material that we presented to Apex IT Solutions matched the brand’s vibrant identity. The website was informative about the services of the company and a call to action was included that gave the reader of the website the option to enquire about the services that they might be interested in. The inclusion of a brand manual was a good addition because it could be provided to prospective clients as the company assists a variety of clients from small to medium companies to schools.

Apex IT Solutions
January 2017