Axotel is a tele-comm optic fibre and equipment installation company that is based in Port Elizabeth. The services of the brand include telecoms project management, planning, splicing and testing services . The brand has 15 years of  experience in the electrical engineering industry and their pride lies in their determination to provide the best service to their clients. The challenge would be to compile branding for the company that speaks to the client and gives a positive impression to prospective clients about the benefits of working with a company that strives to provide excellent services and create jobs for recent graduates and unemployed youth who they provide training to.


The brand is very service orientated so the website should list all the services of the website and provide the most detail about the services. The company’s message which includes the vision, mission and ethos should also be clearly communicated on the website. The emphasis must also be on their workforce who play an important part in the company. The logo must be professional with a distinct feature that will set the logo apart from other engineering companies. A brochure is needed if an individual does not have the time to visit the website.


The outcome of branding the Axotel brand resulted the brand receiving funding from the IDF. The end result was a website which met the needs of the brand which provided all the information about the brand as well as the future prospects of the brand which include hiring more youth. The management team of the brand is also feature on the website with their biographies. The logo of the brand is profession with a distinct element being the O letter in Axotel being a separate colour from the rest of the wording. There is an element of cohesion with the business cards, brochures and the pop-up banners. The overall branding of Axotel met the required needs.

May 2016