Black Hat Leadership Academy is a leadership academy that aims to inspire entrepreneurs to bring about transformational change. The services of the academy include research, writing, consultancy and events. The challenge is to conceptualize and produce branding material that would communicate the message of the academy to its target market.

Start of the journey

The challenge was to produce branding material that represented the academy and all its values. A decision was made to produce branding material that a professional feel that would in turn attract entrepreneurs and communicated the academy’s message.


The outcome of the branding of Black Hat Leadership Academy was the production of a website that provided all the relevant information about the academy such as their focus areas and past projects. A news tab was created in order to inform the prospective clients of the academy of the latest happenings of the academy. Images of the lead members of the academy were featured on the website.The other branding material such as the business cards, pop-up banners and letterhead contained the signature colours of the academy being black and gold and contained the relevant information such as the contact details and services of the academy.

Black Hat Leadership Academy
January 2017