BPOS Robotics is a company that meets the robotics, simulation, manufacturing and mechanical design needs of its clients. The challenge would be to present a website which will be followed by branding material that would provide more information about the brand and its services.

Start of the journey

The journey started with us researching the company and its services. We then acquired the relevant information that would assist us in meeting the branding needs of BPOS Robotics. We met with the client and decided which material would meet their branding requirements.


The outcome of the branding of BPS Robotics resulted in the creation of a website with the relevant information about the brand and all the services they offer. A video that showcases the services the brand offers. The business cards and brochures provide the contact information and also provide information about the brand. The design of the branding material is the same on all the materials in order to create cohesion in the branding.

BPOS Robotics
April 2017