Canister Foods is a canned bread brand. This innovative product is the answer to the prayers of individuals who want to save money on bread. The problem would be how to market the product in a way that will convince someone that has bought traditional bread their whole life that canned bread is better than traditional bread whilst highlighting the benefits of canned bread.

Start of the journey

After intense research we decided that the branding of the product would highlight the fact that canned bread would be a more cost-effective option than traditional bread. It was then decided that portraying various scenarios that different individuals face when it comes to the complications of using traditional bread would present the benefits of canned bread. These scenarios would then be highlighted in a video that will also direct the consumer to the website and the contact details of the brand.


The outcome of the branding for canister foods resulted in the video which portrayed individuals who had faced different problems with traditional bread and found a more effective solution with using canned bread which has made their lives a lot easier. There was a call to action which was featured in  the video. The logo had an image of a baker’s hat which was a perfect signifier for actual bread. Business Cards which included the logo were produced for the brand.

July 2016