Dopparoz is a lifestyle venue that is situated in Kwazakhele that embodies an afro-urban vibe. The venue is the first of its kind in the Kwazakhele area, as the slogan of the venue states “Kasi meets class”. The venue is made up of a restaurant, bar and regular live entertainment. The challenge would be to conceptualize the branding of the lifestyle venue as it is a type of venue that has not been experienced before in the Kwazakhele area. We were also tasked with the challenge of generating 3000 likes on the Facebook page of the brand.

Start of the journey

The start of the Dopparoz project involved conceptualizing the content that would need to be featured on the website and deciding which relevant information would need to be featured on the website. We created a list of each item that would need to be on the website such as the description of the venue, the website would have to feature a lot of imagery in order to showcase the beauty of the venue. The venue prides itself on hosting regular events so a list of its upcoming events would have to be on the website.


The outcome of the Dopparoz project was the production of a website that provided relevant information of the venue such as the description of the venue, the address of the venue but mostly the website featured images of the aspects of the venue such as the bar area, the shisa nyama section which is a popular area of the venue. Overall the project was a success as we met the target of 3000 likes of the brand’s Facebook page.
The ultimate goal which was to introduce the customer to the first venue of its kind in Kwazakhele that can be described as ”Kasi meets Class” was accomplished.

June 2016