Energyworx is an energy service company that thrives on providing the best service to their clients. Their services include green energy trading, energy performance contracting and energy supply contracting. This is an indicator that the branding of the company would have to be professional because prospective clients would have faith in a brand that is well represented. Finding the balance between professional yet also creative will put Eneryworx ahead of its competitors.


A briefing with Eneryworx was held where the services of the brand was communicated to us. The message that was communicated to us was that the branding had to be striking in order to attract potential clients and be detailed about what the company offers. The message of the brand had to also be effectively communicated.


The branding of energyworx met the client’s needs as it was professional and it also stood out from their competitors. The company profile was descriptive about the background and message of the company. The website was also efficient and can be easily be navigated. The unique factor of the website was the fact that the company’s success rate was portrayed by the statistics that were published on the website.

March 2016