My Chicken is a grilled chicken brand that prides itself on being a healthier alternative to fried chicken and their use of 100% chicken. The challenge would be to design a website that showcases the brand’s menu and to provide useful information about the brand.

Start of the journey

The fast food market is crowded so the main requirement would be to make sure that the My Chicken website is different from the websites of fellow fast food outlets yet it must also stay true to its own roots. A list of website requirements would have to be drawn up with the needs that the website should satisfy. The list was created and the creation of the website commenced after that.


The outcome was a website that provided the relevant information for prospective customers of the brand. This information included the menu with images of the items on the menu. The contact details of the brand’s shop was featured with a map on finding the location of the two outlets of the brand. This was the relevant information without making a website that was filled with unnecessary information.

My Chicken Grill
May 2017