Nama Tours is an established tour company based in the Eastern Cape  whose values are aligned with those of Developmenthub. The driving force behind the brand is the goal of satisfying the customer, this is a notion that resonates with Developmenthub. This notion was also the inspiration for the branding that had to be  provided for Nama Tours. The branding would have to be customer orientated and it also had to contain all the elements that encompass the elements which make up Nama Tours.


The journey with Nama Tours started with the need to communicate the services of Nama Tours. The elements that encompass the core of the Nama Tours brand such as the values, beliefs and the Nama team, Nama Tours needed to be communicated. The results of this would ensure that the brand is more appealing to their customers. The branding encompasses the website, business cards, logo , company stationery, email signature and brochures.


The branding of Nama Tours encompasses their customer based values as seen on their website where their values are listed. The benefit of this is that potential customers can know what to expect from their experience with Nama Tours. The website also provides a biography of the founder and his experience. This information is essential in the process of the customer having faith in the brand. The image of the elephant is a great signifier of the services of the brand and is evident in all the branding of Nama Tours.

Nama Tours
August 2016