The client is Propella Business Incubator. The incubator provides support to start-ups and established businesses. They boast an impressive list of funding partners such as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. ENGELI, Innovative. Technology plays an important part in the identity of Propella Business Incubator. The challenge would be to produce marketing material that communicates the identity of the brand.

Start of the journey

The branding of Propella was so initially overseen by Crackerjack Advertising but we took over from the brochure stage. The branding material required are business cards, a letterhead, pop-up banners. The logo of Propella incorporates an image which is the technology signifier, this satisfies the need to incorporate technology in their branding. The presence of the corporate sponsors has to be heavy on branding materials like the pop-up banners so they will get the deserved recognition for being a part of the incubator. A brochure with technological images would further enhance the technology aspect in the branding of the incubator.


The outcome of branding Propella Business Incubator resulted in the creation of the business cards. The business cards embodied the identity of the main website of the incubator. They contained the logo which had the technology signifier and the relevant, important details. The pop-up banners met the need of the presence of the sponsors of the incubator. The other material such as the email signatures and brochures also contained the relevant information.

Propella Business Incubator
January 2016