Quality Assurance

One of the most critical processes of software development is quality assurance. Experienced teams understand that quality assurance in software development is unlike any other process; it adds value and guarantees that the product or service meets precise specifications.

Full Cycle Testing

Full cycle testing entails the participation of a team of Quality Assurance experts in the early and final stages of software development. The software testing life cycle encompasses more than just “testing,” it involves tasks such as reading documents, holding regular meetings with the clients and writing bug reports.

Manual Testing

A dedicated team manually tests your software for any defects. Our testers act as end users, using the majority of the application’s functionality to ensure proper operation. In order to provide full test coverage, a test plan document is created that serves as a guide to the testing process.

Automated Testing.

Our aim of automation testing is to increase software quality by simplifying and speeding up the testing process. We conduct structured tests on web and mobile apps in a methodical, predetermined manner. Initially, automated testing can be time-consuming, costly, and inefficient but we can guarantee you a return on your investment.

Functional Testing.

Functional testing is concerned with the application’s intended features. Our testers consider various aspects of how a system works in the light of the entire system, understanding where to look for flaws and how to ensure that the system works logically from the user’s viewpoint. We test your software to provide you with confidence.

Performance Testing

At Developmenthub, performance testing entails a number of different aspects in order to thoroughly analyze the software and hardware, detect any flaws, and measure where and when problems occur. We use various assessments to validate performance from various perspectives.

API Testing

API testing is used to find bugs, such as anomalies or deviations from expected conduct. Its mission is to ensure that our digital lives become more seamless and effective. Our QA team conducts API testing in order to ensure that the API is simple to use, stable, and bug-free.

QA Outsourcing

This is precisely what your company needs. Developmenthub has the ability to complete any project successfully. Our extensive experience enables us to set the right goals in the right order, increasing the testing process’ performance.

Regression Testing

We perform Regression testing on systems after a modification or bug fixture during normal software development cycles, to ensure that the implemented changes did not adversely impact other parts of the system.
A system should be Regression Tested using manual or automated regression testing after a patch or bug fix during normal software development cycles to ensure that the implemented changes did not adversely impact other parts of the system.

Security Testing

We perform Security Testing to check whether applications and systems are exposed to any potential attacks. The procedure is structured to ensure that the system protects sensitive data while remaining functional. We check for all access points used by malicious attackers.

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