Software to meet your requirements

Developmenthub has developed a number of software products and solutions to assist any company, large or small, in simplifying their operations.

B2B Data Driven AI Sales Automation Tool is a business to business data-driven sales automation tool that helps B2B companies at the growth phase with complex solutions or products decrease their customer acquisition cost. In layman terms we use data and artificial intelligence for SMME get in front of their ideal enterprise client.

IoT Smart Meter Solution for Utilities Billing

Ubiquitous 360

Ubiquitous 360 is an all in one data driven utilities & services monitoring and management solution for large scale facilities managers (e.g. local municipalities, property developers, estate managers, etc), to provide them with accurate billing information based on consumption and other related metrics.

ICT Reseller Automation Application

Reseller Solutions

Reseller Solutions is a tender tool that provides easier, faster and accurate provisions to generate margin gains for ICT resellers. It helps ICT resellers to create quotations, orders and invoices, and also view different products from suppliers of different ranges.