Growing and improving with each issue is the catalyst. Giving its readers the need to discovering the East Coast of South Africa as truly one of the best-surfing destinations worldwide, with waves and legends galore. Providing worldwide access to the magazine, as well as surfing gear.









The Background Story

BoardTalk a community inspired publication done for the people by the people, to showcase and expose our local talent, surf spots and legends from the East Coast of South Africa, matters for growth for BoardTalk seemed to be at its peak. They cover content mostly relative to the surfing world, inclusive of photo tags regarded as the best in the country, support from Surfing companies around South Africa, with too many expats and people from far asking for BoardTalk.

BoardTalk had only been selling their magazine issues on contact, or through traditional Outside sales. At some point, the magazine decided to grow, yet it needed a platform to be able to service clients who are outside the community of Port Elizabeth.


To provide BoardTalk with the platform to host their most famous photo tags, with the option to be able to have their readers buy their issues online. This helps so that a person who lives outside the country is able to enjoy the reads on interesting topics, the mag covers, this allowed BoardTalk to grow their audience.

Apart from their magazines, we have helped them to market some of the gear they offer to surfers as well, through an online e-commerce section.

The Results

What an awesome team to have worked with. Their level of skill, professionalism, attention to detail and client relationship is the real deal. They have not only met my expectations but they truly exceeded it. They are well knowledgeable with their art and skill, know the latest trends and do a very fine job in advising on what is best for their clients. They took the time to get to know me personally as well as my business.
Andiswa Kota

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