PREMIER STUDENT ACCOMMODATION was created, to provide the best accommodation with the good facilities for students; a more convenient and safe accommodation for all and; provide easy access to room bookings, viewings and a user-friendly experience through the web application.


Premier Student Accommodation


Real Estate/Property


Web Application Development



The Background Story

Most students always had suffered from finding a place to stay coming from far places, if not, encountered problems when it comes to booking rooms and being able to view their room of choice. Room bookings had to be done manually and it would be time-consuming and long spreadsheets to collect all that data. Some students during holiday would struggle to find accommodation during recess (i.e. in December) for special reasons when they need to extend their stay because most student accommodation during that recess is closed. They would also fear for their safety.


Premier Student Accommodation provides the best accommodation and facilities for all students. They pride themselves with excellent services they provide to their clients, students who look for the best accommodation and holidaymakers that prefer a convenient place of stay and yet affordable.

Which is why we designed a web application to automate booking for students with less effort and less time. Easy online booking for holidaymakers as well. This is to improve their client experience and to attract clients who want the most convenient solution to meet their needs.

The Results

Quality, Dedication, Skill, Innovation, Awareness, Communication, Infrastructure, Support, and Documentation are the 9 reference-points I include in every hour per price. No other company comes even close to the numbers represents.
Duane Osborne
IT Manager

Technology Stack





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