Reseller Solutions was established to provide an easier, faster & accurate provision for margin gains for ICT resellers to create quotations, orders & invoices, and also view different products from suppliers of different ranges.


Reseller Solutions







The Background Story

The environment has been optimized to the use of time, for the purpose of effectiveness and efficiency in businesses, so realizing that resellers fall short in taking full advantage of the available opportunities in the business due to ineffective processes. There is a number of reasons that come to play that stall the business from reaching high heights.

The following would be examples: Suppliers cannot sell to customers directly and customers cannot purchase products directly from suppliers or manufacturers; The process of filing documentation, signing up to suppliers is time-consuming; Errors are encountered when entering a mark-up, VAT & more, onto a spreadsheet manually.


Reseller Solutions is a B2B(Business-to-business) & B2G(Business-to-government) tender tool helping to make price comparisons for ICT resellers, to provide an easier, faster & accurate provision for margin gains for ICT resellers to create quotations, orders & invoices.

  • Keep track of your account transactions
  • Secure payment portal that will provide simpler, quicker, and efficient transactions.
  • Easily create a professional quotation based on the products you selected
  • Convert quotations to invoices
  • Get products from various suppliers
  • Compare pricing information

The Results

This letter services to inform you that I, Unam Ruba have been working with Developmenthub for a period of 15 months. They have been developing our software as a service application called ResellerSolutions which was led by Odwa Ndyaluvane. The process was pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend Developmenthub to anyone who needs software development.
Unam Ruba
Product Owner

Technology Stack






MS SQL Server


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