We build high-quality software products for enterprises and startups with high ambitions.
Product Design & Prototyping

We take ideas and bring them to life to build credibility into what may seem like “just” an idea.

Software As A Service (SaaS) Applications

We specialize in helping innovators materialize their business ideas.

Line Of Business (LoB) Applications

We assist organizations develop and implement automation of key critical business processes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

We write code that mimics human-like behaviour and decision making into your application.

Internet Of Things (IoT) Applications

We enable various devices to be connected to the cloud, share data while fulfilling an interned goal.

API Development

We implement a safe and adaptive codebase for systems to integrate guaranteeing a reliable information convergence.

Technology Stack

Our Offices

Developmenthub is headquartered in Port Elizabeth, but we help businesses across South Africa: in Gauteng, Western Cape – you name the city or province!

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