Masisebenze is a Business Process Automation application/ Line of Business tool, designed for creating a seamless workflow for claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). The system’s key and core users are the lawyers, the Occupational Therapists, the administrators from the Occupational therapist and the patients involved in the accident. The Application assists and accesses the validity of a claim by conducting a functional capacity evaluation.

The Application is available on both web and mobile platforms, the mobile app conducts the tests, and the web application captures and compiles the data, testing and contrasting against the norm and devising a file which is later used in the Court of law.

Key Value Add

We developed this application to help speed up the payment period for the core users. These Stakeholders would only get paid after two years subsequent to submitting the claim. The users can now book a maximum of 50 plus clients a week which is a great advancement from only 2-5 clients per week.


Health Care | Medical Tech (MedTech)

Solution Category

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Line of Business Application (LoB)

Technology Stack


.NET   Core MVC



Scope of Work & Platforms

Web Application

Mobile Application