Celeste Daylight is Dynamic Daylight Emulation wellness technology that emulates daylight conditions and creates light fixtures that act and feel like real sunlight.

Our days are defined by the natural progression from sunrise to sunset. Most notably, light is known to affect circadian rhythms. This means that in the mornings, lighting can contribute to your awakeness, alertness, and possibly your mood too. As you would imagine, brighter lights are better for mornings and daytime, while dim lights are ideal for evenings. If these are altered, it can mess up your sleeping patterns or make it unmanageable for you to get through the day. People have long searched for ways to bring natural daylight indoors, but what if we could harness technology to bring us closer to nature, by bringing the outdoors in. Your way of reconnecting to the rhythm of the day could be right in your ceiling with Celeste Daylight’s Dynamic Daylight Emulation.

Key Value Add

We developed Celeste Daylight’s Dynamic Daylight Emulation which is a breakthrough technology that enables people to experience the full benefits of natural daylight in places they never imagined possible. It is a built-in fixture similar to a skylight that recreates daylight and the changing light conditions of a natural sky.

T his state-of-the-art design uses advanced lighting control and colour-changing technology that allows you to create a scene that fits the needs of the space.


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