Reseller Solutions is a tender tool that provides easier, faster and accurate provisions to generate margin gains for ICT resellers. It helps ICT resellers to create quotations, orders and invoices, and also view different products from suppliers of different ranges.

Resellers fail to take full advantage of available opportunities in business due to ineffective processes, like the process of filing documentation and signing up to suppliers can be time-consuming.
The process of manually adding mark-up and VAT on a spreadsheet can result in errors being incurred.

Key Value Add

We developed this tender tool to help ICT Resellers keep track of their accounts, secure payment portals that will provide simpler, quicker and efficient transactions, while also helping them create professional quotations based on the products selected and also easily convert quotations into invoices.


High Tech | Enterprise Software

Solution Category

Software As A Service (SaaS)


Technology Stack


.NET   Core MVC


Scope of Work & Platforms

Web Application