Background is a tool that provides an accessible and reliable platform that can be utilized to drive maximum sales’ outcome with minimum input from the user’s end.

It is common for early-stage start-ups (SMEs) to experience challenges within their sales processes, especially when obtaining, retaining and expanding aspects of their sales lifecycle. Consequently, this results in these businesses struggling to prove their sustainability and growth to investors, seeing that they don’t have access to the necessary tools and systems to help them. This leads to SMEs spending excessive amounts of money and time trying to identify and convert leads to profitable sales.

Key Value Add

We developed an artificial intelligent, data first sales tool to help small and medium sized organization build reputable & sustainable relationships/pipeline with large enterprise. In 2018 the application was voted as number 1 of the top 20 most innovative business solutions at the Africa innovation summit(Cape Town – South Africa).


High Tech | Enterprise Software

Solution Category

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Artificial Intelligence



Technology Stack


.NET   Core MVC


Scope of Work & Platforms

Web Application